Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Making pretty things ~

I just finished five sweet treasure pockets!
Of course I have to share them with you ~
They've all sold to friends on Facebook but
I still wanted to post them here.

They are created from laundered drop cloth fabric...
laundered blankets for stabilizer...
and of course tons of antique lace,
vintage buttons and other treasures
that I've gathered from my studio!

I think that I'll make more but the pockets will be empty.
Ready for others to fill with THEIR treasures...
I love looking at my favorite things ~
so all you do is place your very favorite things inside the pocket
so you can see them every day and enjoy them!

And I have to share this precious angel with you!
Clara's mama is knitting and made her a beautiful cowl...
here she is modeling it!

Sweet girl is growing so fast it makes my head spin!!!

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday precious friends!
Thank you always for dropping by to see me,
hugs and love,

Friday, August 7, 2015

Forgotten lace, old buttons and humble fabrics ~

I'd been wanting to get back into the studio and
put together a single treasure pocket similar to my large ones...
and I FINALLY did!

It's funny how I drift away from making things for awhile but then
when I get back to it, I love is SO MUCH!

Here's the first one that I made...it's sold but I still wanted to
share it with you. I even stuffed it with a few of my own treasures too.
A roll of sheet music, antique baby photograph, rhinestone pin, an old baby shoe
and a teeny bundle of vanilla roses. It's simple really, but you get the idea.
I stuffed the bottom of the pocket with sewing pattern tissue
to lift the items up but it could easily just be filled with even
more goodies!

I'm also finishing up another Treasure Pocket Organizer.
These take time, just because I want each piece of lace, each button and
their placement to be just right (well, in my mind anyway!)
This one is sold as well but it's fun to see in-progress photos.

Sweet old lace, pressed and waiting for a new purpose...to be even more beautiful!

More lace stash...you really have to have a ton of stuff to make pretty things, I mean it!
You can't create without a wonderful supply to choose from.

And guess what else has been going on around here?
This precious girl...
this sweet baby, our granddaughter Clara started FIRST GRADE
this past Monday!!
She's so excited!! But I'm sure, since it's Friday and
this was her first week back, she'll be exhausted tonight.
And don't worry about our kids starting back so early ~
Every six weeks, they get a full week off AND two weeks at Christmas!
It's a great schedule and works out so well for the students and the teachers.

AND this goob...our sweet baby Noah...
now 17 years old, started his SENIOR year of high school!!!
And what's funny? This is a photo from last year.
He's growing his hair out and has a BEARD!!!
Someone at school told him yesterday, "Hey man, you look like Jesus"
HAHA! I told Noah, what a compliment!
Where has the time gone?

I hope you're having a wonderful summer and staying cool.
You realize we will blink and it will be Fall!

Thank you always, always for stopping by to see me ~
hugs and love,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A few little pretties!

I've managed to finish several projects I've had waiting around here!
My sweet daughter-in-law requested one of my lace buntings so
I thought I would go ahead a make several to list in my shop as well!

These are created from wonderful, old pieces of lace and strung together
on a long piece of seam binding. I add pretty seam binding bundles on each end
plus add several vintage buttons on each flag!
Each one is different but that's how I love things to be.

I'm working on one last treasure organizer too!
I'll be sure to share photos soon ~

These have all be listed in my Etsy store if you'd like to take a peek!

Wouldn't it be pretty to hang two together, staggered???
I should have tried that!

So our short summer (time off from school) will soon be coming to an end
and Noah will begin his SENIOR YEAR!!!
Can you even believe this?
I know many of you have read my blog for awhile and watched
our youngest son grow up. And that he has!!
He's almost 18 years old and stands over 6 feet tall.
But he's still my baby!!!

School begins August 3rd here in Georgia in our county.
It's early but the positive thing is that every six weeks, they get a week off!
And of course 2 weeks off for Christmas.
It works out really well for the students and the teachers.
We'll be enjoying our lazy mornings for just a few more weeks around here...

Thank you always, always for stopping by to see what I'm up to!!
Happy Tuesday precious friends ~
hugs and love,


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