Thursday, April 17, 2014's all about perspective ~

Don't you think??
It's all how you look a things...
glass half empty, glass half full?

Lately, I've been guilty of looking
at the half empty side of things but then
I always, always have to stop myself!!!
Let's take a look at the half FULL glass...OK?

I am an eternal optimist and please Lord, let me remain so!
Even with mid-life hormone craziness,
life struggles,
or whatever...
I always, always want to be an optimist!!!
This baby's face says it I've been feeling lately ~

I want you to know too...
you are a such a BIG part of my life ~
my dear Angel Friends.
I love my family with all that I have
but you...
You know why I love collecting crazy stuff,
you love my crazy stuff,
and you love what I make with it.
Thank you so much for that!!

I am so very thankful for my precious babies and grandbabies...
what a precious gift from Heaven above.
Glass = overflowing

I found this great photo of Chase, our fourth son ~ now 23 years old,
good Lord, how did that time fly by so fast???

And look at him at a mere 2 years old...
blessed I am.

And our oldest Brent holding his daughter, Clara as a newborn...

And just look at how Clara's mama is gazing at her ~

I have many more family photos I could share but with five beautiful sons,
I'm afraid my post would be WAAAAY too long ~

We can look at what we don't have...
what we think we deserve...
or what we think we need,
but truly
it's all right here.
Right in front of us.
And our glass is overflowing...

Wishing you a beautiful Thursday my precious friends,
hugs and love,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Freshening up a bit!

I thought I would share a little peek of the house wren's nest
on our front porch!
It's looks complete to me but still no little ones yet...
I've seen the mama bird fly out of it though ~

This past winter I lost the ivy plants on our porch so I headed to Lowe's and bought
replacements. These planters flank our front door and I love the wire forms
that the ivy grows on. Hopefully they will grow fast and look wonderful soon!

I also found a pretty ivy plant to go in the terra cotta pot on our iron table too!

A beautiful treat arrived in Saturday's mail....
a gift I won from Martha of MJ Ornaments on Facebook!!!
I love bunnies and was so happy when I found out I won ~
now they hang in my studio! Thank you so much Martha!!!

And I just have to share these wonderful photos of Clara ~
She went fishing with her dad (our oldest son, Brent) Saturday and
just look at her!!!
She's old enough now to really enjoy it and is absolutely FEARLESS!

Wishing you a WONDERFUL Monday precious friends!!
hugs and love,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Something new!!!

I've had this on my mind for awhile now...
making a re-usable journal cover.
One that can be transferred to a new notebook
and used again and again!

Well, I did it!
I love the old fashioned composition notebooks,
you know the ones,
with the black and white speckled covers, right?

I created a pattern and this is my very first one!
You can use the notebook as a journal, fill it up and
when you need to buy a new one simply slip off
the journal cover and place it onto a new notebook!

Beautiful layered antique lace...seam binding accents and of course
a rhinestone bauble.
The tie is accented by a gorgeous antique button as well ~

I just added this sweetie to my Etsy store!!!

I hope you are doing so very good and that things are finally warming up
where you live ~ we have been in the 70's here in Georgia and
EVERYTHING is so very green!!!

Happy Thursday my dear friends,
hugs and love,


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