Monday, March 2, 2015

Sharing a little birthday love!

Little might just be the wrong word to use though!!!
And yes, my birthday is the day after Christmas but
my precious friend Lisa and I are known for not being
on time for our birthday gifts to one another.

I just have to share with you
all the amazingly, wonderful goodies
she gave me!!!

Some of the photos are a little repetitive but
I know you like pics and I tried to get close ups ~

She packaged everything so sweet!!!
Each parcel had a number and on the back of each tag
Lisa wrote a little note to me...
Here is a shot before I opened the packages:

And here's after....WOW!!!!
Look at all of the precious treasures!!!!
She SO knows what I love.

All types of sweet baby shoes, a few baby dresses too.

Gorgeous antique lace and a porcelain half doll!

Antique children's photographs and old photo album pages.
Vintage rhinestone pins and postcards.

See the teeny doll shoe?? LOVE!

And yes, at the bottom of the photo below are a few very small animal skulls.
I hope that doesn't creep you out but I love the beauty of nature
(and Lisa knows it)
and will create a shadow box just to showcase them all!!!

Several pieces of the new Tim Holtz fabric, isn't it beautiful???

Wonderful feathers to use in artwork.

An amazing book about old dolls ~ I just love it!!!

And lastly, a few back issues of a magazine from the UK that I love, Daphne's Diary!!!!

Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Dear sweet Lisa,
Thank you soooo very much for my gifts...
and for your precious friendship...
you continually inspire me to be creative ~
I love you girl!!!!

Happy Monday sweet friends and
Happy March too!!!

hugs and love,

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snippets of inspiration ~

I love sharing tidbits that just might inspire you...
so I've been looking through my computer files
to see what I think you may love.

Take a little look ~ and I do hope something will trigger your creativity!!!

First up...precious succulent gardens created inside glass jars...
aren't they beautiful?

And you and I both love antique baby photos....right?
Look at this angel ~

This one looks like two sweet sisters.
How funny that the oldest looks so confident and
the little one is just a bit unsure.

One of my favorite prints ever...

An old piece of artwork I created inside of an old wooden "in box"

One more piece that I created inside of a broken clock.
The clock itself was so needed a new life!

A sweet display in my last studio.

Artwork I made several years ago just using an 11" x 14" canvas
and a page from an antique photo album,
pages from a botanical book and dried flowers.

The smallest banner that I've ever made using round tags,
antique ledger paper, embossed napkins, snippets of old lace,
rusty bells and words that I printed out on my computer
and of course,
beautiful vintage buttons and seam binding!

And lastly ~
To inspire your longing for spring...a beautiful fern!!!

Happy Thursday my dear friends!!!!

Hugs and love,

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Because I know you love what I love...

I have to share this goodness with you!!!
A dear family member of ours has been doing a little purging
and gifted me some of the MOST. GORGEOUS. LACE. EVER!!!

She's given me some lace before as her brother and his wife
used to make heirloom Christening gowns.
She inherited the lace and has now passed it on to me!!!
I feel so honored and also am totally inspired
to create beautiful things with it!

Please just take a peek at this sweet basket full...
Also, I wanted to share with you
what I do to my baby shoes
when creating little baby shoe pincushions.

when the shoes are really scuffed and quite worn,
I like to give them a coat of matte or flat paint
to give them a fresh look!!

Believe it or not, I had purchased a Benjamin Moore color sample
a few years ago, in Manchester Tan, and have been using it!!!
It's such a pale, neutral khaki and looks so beautiful on the shoes.
Who knew?
Using house paint to refresh tiny baby shoes!!

I finally feel like I'm getting back into my groove...
and I'm also kinda glad that I've been procrastinating on making a few
more memory organizers because NOW I have a great new
supply of lace to choose from!!!!

Happy Tuesday precious friends ~
hugs and love,


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